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Vol. 2 No. 9

Online articles :

From the editor's desk

Helmut Köhl...
  He who ensouls the clay…

  Bed and breakfast or folk art museum?

Great Masters of Mexico Popular Arts

Mexican Retablos
  To tour North America

Guadalajara Antiques Show A Huge Success
  "If you build it, they will come..."

Saltillo Antiques Show in Danger of Losing Backing

Window Shopping

The Family That Carves Together...
  ...Purepecha style

Revival of the Watercolor in Coyoacan

Where visitors are treated like family...
  ...welcome to San Miguel de Allende

A Folk Tale from the Yucatan

Printed magazine articles :



"He Who Ensouls the Clay..."
  Helmut Köhl tells about the one hundred and twenty-eight potters whose works traveled throughout Europe for ten years

"Grandes Maestros" of Mexican Popular Arts
  Banco Nacional de México's collection of works by contemporary artesanos

El Favor de los Santos
  Mexican retablo exhibit to tour North America

Primer Salon del Anticuario
  No hat tricks here! "El Mago" and company have established one of the best presented antiques shows in Mexico

Quinta Muestra de Antigüedades
  Mexico's most prestiged antiques expo may be snuffed out

Mexico City Sketchbook
  Window shopping for antiques in the big city

The Family that Carves Together…
  Pride, humor and a passion for woodcarving keeps this Purepecha family whittling away

Revival of Watercolors in Coyoacán
  Maestro Alfredo Guati Rojo is working hard to restore the art of watercolor painting to its rightful place

"Los Mayas" Invade the Capital
  "Los Mayas" Invade the Capital

Welcome to San Miguel de Allende…
  El antiQuario's newest correspondents tell why going to San Miguel is like coming home

Antiques Hunting in San Miguel
  Not all the best pickers are in Nashville

Good Spirits in Guanajuato
  Bed and breakfast or folk art museum?

A Folk Tale from the Yucatan
  A good bedtime story