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Vol. 2 No. 7

Online articles :

From the editor's desk

The Bee-Sting Lips Painter..
  El antiQuario reveals the identity of the prolific retablero, known up until now only as The Bee-Sting Lips Painter..

Spreading the Word
  "when the going gets rough..."

Exvotos: A Bond Between Two Worlds

Angel Santos

Bank Robber or Business Man?

Mexico City Sketchbook...

Plaza del Angel & La Lagunilla

A Day in the Life of a Chacharero

Mightier than the Sword

High-Power Auctions, Mexico City Style

The Lady is an Auctioneer:
  Vikki Vines' Gallery Auctions is Famous for Volume and Variety

Auction Tips

TalquepArte 1999 Showcases Popular Arts

October Fest

Printed magazine articles :



Viewpoints: Mexican Artisans are Spreading the Word... "when the going gets rough..."
  Traditional artisans are using modern means to promote their time-honoredwares.

Unmasking the "Bee-Sting Lips" Painter
  El antiQuario reveals the true identity of this prolific 19th century retablero.

A Bond Between Two Worlds: Exvotos
  Tangible offerings of faith and thanks, exvotos reflect some deep-rooted traditions and artistic inspirations.

Angel Santos: Champion of a Waning Art
  This master potter of burnished clay wares isn't afriad to sacrifice high production in the name of quality.

Bank Robber or Business Man?
  Recently discovered documents validate another myth about revolutionary leader Pancho Villa.

Reportando Mexico City 2000
  El antiQuario's newest expansion introduces the inside scoop on art, antiques and folk art from our own "Big Apple."

Plaza del Angel and La Lagunilla
  Two weekly markets offering visitors a selection of treasures from the past.

A Day in the Life of a Chacharero
  Join veteran antiquarian Esteban Rodriguez on a trek through Mexico City's Sunday flea market.

Mightier than the Sword
  Antique writing instruments are chic collectables.

High-Power Auctions, Mexico City Style
  An inside look at Mexico's most prestigious auction house, Casa de Subastas Louis C. Morton.

The Lady is an Auctioneer
  Vikki Vines, owner of Houston, Texas based Gallery Auctions, Inc. is one of few women auctioneers in what is considered by many a "man's business."

Auction Tips
  Some inside points on "buying right" at auction.