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Vol. 1 No. 4

Online articles :

From the editor's desk

Puebla or Tonala? Mexican Majolica

Penny For Your Thoughts

Mirror Of The Soul:
  Juan Rulfo's Mexico

The New Breed
  Of Mexican craftsmen


lonely days and lonely nights
  Confessions of an Antiques Smuggler

Freedom's Odd Couple

Contemporary Latin American Art and Roller Skates?
  A Hip, New Museum Is Hot For Mexican Artists

Printed magazine articles :



Viewpoints: Penny for your Thoughts
  Is El antiQuario revealing "trade secrets and confidential information" on where to buy, or what the dollar amount certain items command in international markets to the "wrong people?" Some dealers think so.

Juan Rulfo's Mexico
  Photographer Juan Rulfo's Mexico is a haunted place. His black and white images capture the soul of a strong people and country who have lived through an often violent and tragic past. See these never before published photographs.

Tonala or Puebla?
  Mexican Mayolica, the piece that stumped the "experts"

A New Breed of Mexican Craftsmen
  A new breed of artisan is capturing the attention of international collectors, pushing exports of Mexican handcrafts to record highs. Drawing from Traditional skills and techniques, these young craftsmen are wooing markets with stylish new designs.

Mexican Milagros
  Humble tolkens of hope

Contemporary Latin American Art Roller Skates?
  A hip new California Museum is hot for Mexican artists.

Lonely Days and Lonely Nights
  A true tale by Chuck Trebor about thirty lonely days spent in a Mexican state prison for smuggling antiques.

Freedom's Odd Couple
  Some surprising similarities between Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Benito Juarez

From the Hills of Guerrero: Regional Pottery
  A look at traditional burnished pottery from the state of Guerrero