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Vol. 3 No. 15

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From the editor's desk

El antiQuario Heads to Texas

Editorial: World peace through art & antiques
  Mexican Masters in Texas

  Frida Breaks Records, Again / Big Names Back New Museum / Virgen of Guadalupe, Registered Trademark, for a whopping $12.5 million / Pushing Back Borders in Austin / Jalisco Show Heads to Asia

Casa Mañana, the Morrow Collection of Mexican Popular Arts

Traditional Mexican Style Interiors

The New Hacienda and Casa Yucatan

Culture during times of Skinny Cows
  Interview with Cornelio García

A Jalisco Magnate who Revolutionized the Pottery Trade
  Heraclio Farías may well have been, the first to understand the big picture, that the artisans and their pottery are the wave of the future.

When Lifes Love is to Work

Language of the Land:
  Angel Ortiz's Burnished Pottery

Dogma still dogging western Mexico's archeological wealth

A Note from Phil Weigand:

Recommended Reading:
  Ancient West Mexico: Art of the Unknown Past

Silver teaching that is wild and wily

Flag Captured During 1914 U.S. Intervention to be Returned to Mexico

The Veracruz Occupation: A Mexican Perspective

The Story Unfolds...

U.S. Mexican Folk Art Groups attract collectors, aficionados and patrons

Whitehawk's Silver Anniversary A Premier Trio of Antique Shows

¿Saint Who?
  Fathers Know Best

For the road
  Memo from Suzy: The luxury of history

Printed magazine articles :



Culture in Times of "Skinny Cows"
  Interview with print-maker and roving musician Cornelio Garcia. By Juan C. Idigoras.

Heraclio Farias
  A Jalisco magnate who revolutionized Tlaquepaque's pottery trade during the late 1800s. By. Ruben Rodriguez.

Language of the Land
  An inside view of artist Angel Ortiz's perspective on life, the world, and traditional black burnished pottery. By Hector Rodriguez.

Western Mexico's Archeological Wealth
  Archeologist Phil Weigand's discovery of circular pyramids in western Mexico is changing the way people view the region's ancient past. By Sean Mattson.

Wild Billy King
  This Canadian silversmith has all the charm of a dock-worker, and his students wouldn't want it any other way. By Lou Christine.

City of Art-Lovers
  A listing of galleries in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

The Issue of the Flag
  The unfolding story of a Mexican flag that was take in battle nearly 90 years ago, and how to get it back home.

The Veracruz Occupation
  A Mexican perspective on the events surrounding the 1914 invasion of this port city by US Marines.

Folk Art Groups in the US
  US aficionados are joining forces and forming collectors clubs from coast to coast. By Merry Wheaton.

Exlibris Looks@Books
  NEW DEPARTMENT! El antiQuario reviews books on our favorite topic-- the arts of Mexico.

Homes, Haciendas & Hideaways
  NEW DEPARTMENT! Selections of superlative properties for sale from the Americas.

El antiQuario Heads to Texas
  Join the team for the biannual Warrenton - Round Top antiques fair this fall!