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Vol. 3 No. 14

Online articles :

From the editor's desk

Candelario Medrano

Juan Francisco Basulto

Ildefonso Goche's Charros

Benign Obsession

Agenda 2002

El antiQuario Brings Famous Artists to Texas


Serapio Medrano's Barro Betus: The Pottery of Santa Cruz de las Huertas

Hallowed Artisans

A New Direction for Traditional Arts

Virtues and Vices of an Antiquarian

Making the Music

Ephemeral Angels

Young Deaths: Interview with Gutierre Aceves

From Left Field...

Benign Obsession

Cheech Marin Takes Chicano Art Mainstream

Albuquerque Old West

Printed magazine articles :



Candelario Medrano
  The unassuming sewer-pipe maker who took the international art world by storm.

Serapio Medrano's Barro Betus
  Outlandish creations in clay reflect this artist's bright semse of mirth with life.

Juan Francisco Basulto
  Taking traditional burnished pottery to a new echelon, Tonala artist Juan Francisco Basulto is one of the new "Great Masters."

Virtues and Vices of an Antiquarian
  An insider's look at the antiques trade in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico with Ramon "El Ruso" Alvarez.

Making The Music
  Could San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato be the next Vienna? Maybe, if violin-maker Sergio Huerta has his way.

Ildefonso Goche's Charros
  Miniature rough-riders and gentlemen cowboys still trot out of the Goche ceramics studio, thanks to the steady hands of this 70-year-old Tlaquepaque artist.

Ephemeral Angels
  Art historian Gutierre Aceves explains why Mexico's funereal tradition of photographing deceased children is actually a celebration of life.

From Left Field
  A new player join's El antiQuario's team in Texas. Introducing Mr. Charlie Vincent.

Benign Obsession
  Austin, Texas collector Susan Toomey Frost shares her passion for vintage Mexican photograph.

Chicano Art
  Actor Cheech Marin helps Mexican-American artists take center stage in major museums across the country.

Agenda 2002
  A listing of great events, shows, auctions and exhibits throughout Mexico and the United States during 2002. Make your travel plans now!

El antiQuario Brings Mexican Master Potters to Texas
  Join us from March 27 thru April 6, 2003 in Warrenton, Texas for fantastic Mexican treasures!