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Vol. 2 No. 11

Online articles :

From the editor's desk

German Horacio

Sharon Milligan:
  An Open-Minded Person

Dance of the Fireflies
  The story of an antiquarian

Mauricio Devaux
  Painter of the Patria

Utopia in New Mexico


Saint Who?
  Santo Santiago, Saint James the Apostle

Dance of the Tastoanes

From the Shores of Lake Cajititlan

The Spanish Exile

Printed magazine articles :



Saint Who?
  The 'double sanctity' of Saint James the Apostle.

Dance of Los Tastoanes
  This colorful religious ceremony, dating back to the 15th century, has a Mexican twist which keeps collectors and historians on the edge of their seats.

From the Shores of Lake Cajititlan
  Meet Martin Ibarra, the man responsible for creating those wonderful burnished eggs, balls and virgins.

The Story of German Horacio
  Exiled from Spain, forgotten by the world, German Horacio´s life and art now make a new appearance in the 21st century.

Spanish Exile
  Who were they, why were they forced to leave and how did they get to Mexico?

An Open-Minded Person
  San Miguel de Allende´s Sharon Milligan speaks through her bronze sculptures. Find out what this talented artist has to say.

  Street-smarts come in handy if you´re a Mexico City “junker.” Vintage silver dealer Ruben Ornelas shares some tips on buying in the streets.

Mauricio Devaux: Painter of the Patria
  A 20th century artist who fell in love with Mexico.

Utopia in New Mexico
  Show after show of our favorite things makes New Mexico the place to be in August.

Editor´s Desk
  More nudes on the cover?!