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Vol. 2 No. 10

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From the editor's desk

Rebozando Tradicion
  Though some historians still dispute the date of silk's arrival to New Spain, many attribute its introduction to Hernan Cortes in 1552. The Franciscan missionaries that accompanies the conquistadors both catechized and promoted the production of handicrafts, one of which was weaving silk. The pueblo of Santa Maria del Rio, in what would become the state of San Luis Potosi, was one of the first places where the friars successfully managed to cultivate mulberry plants and raise silkworm. So began Mexico's legacy of silk production. This story is a tribute to Santa Maria de Rio and the few remaining bastions of silk rebozo manufacture in Mexico where weavers employ the same techniques which have been used since the sixteenth century.

Mexico in Texas
  Mexican folk art and antiques collectors take note, something special is happening in Texas this October!

...Introducing the


Saint... Who?

Finarte Antiques Fair
   Attracts New Dealers

  The Calendar of Mexico

Mexico City 2000
  Searching for the source of Mesaoamerican jade

San Miguel
  Walking Tour

Hiding Out in
  San Miguel Allende

Santuario de

the Best from Mexico to Visit Texas

Printed magazine articles :



Saint Who?
  Ever wonder about the background of all those different saints? This new section seeks your participation in putting names to their faces.

Antiques and Popular Arts Shows in Mexico
  Review of FINARTE 2000 in Monterrey and EnArt in Tlaquepaque.

Calendar Art of Mexico
  An exhibit worth visiting!

A Source of Jade in Mesoamerica
  Did you know that jade was an "undiscovered" mineral in Mesoamerica until 1952?

Rebozando Tradicion
  A tribute to rebozo weavers and their traditional art

Antiques Hunting in San Miguel
  The tour continues...

Hiding out in San Miguel
  Villa Santa Monica, the perfect spot to "get away from it all""

The Santuario of Atontonilco
  Find out why el Santuario draws visitors from all corners of the globe

Mexico in Texas
  Mexican folk art and antiques collectors take note, something special is taking place in Texas this October!

Editor's Desk
  Risque cover girl explained.