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October Fest


Mark your calendars now, Guadalajara is gearing up to host its first ever national antiques show and auction! Scheduled to run in conjunction with the city's famous October Fest, the event expects to provide space for thirty dealers from Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, San Luis Potosi and Saltillo.
Show organizer, auctioneer and antiquarian Eduardo Chavez, is enthusiastic about the possibilities this event will offer to area dealers. Chavez comments that many Mexican collectors feel the success seen in recent years at similar events in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Saltillo, Coahuila is in part due to these cities proximity to the U.S. border. "Mexico's northern cities have much more access to information that we do here in central Mexico. This is part of the reason that local gallery owners and dealers have been uneasy about attempting to put together such an event. Not only does the general public know little about antiques, but even many of our area antiquarians are under informed in regards to what they carry. More often than not, these shop owners aren't purposely misrepresenting their wares, they just really don't know what they are selling."
Chavez hopes that with the development of national antiques shows in central and western Mexico this will change. "I want to encourage the participation of people who are not necessarily collectors, but are curious about antiques in general. There are not a lot of books or programs on antiques available here, not like in the northern cities or the United States. A lot of our information come by word of mouth. The best way to learn more is by listening to a dealer or collector who knows more than you do about a particular area or item. I think that by bring some of Mexico's most respected antiquarians together with the general public in an place where people can buy, sell, swap and discover Guadalajara's market will grow stronger and that service and information in the antiques business will improve."
The show will be held this October twenty-eighth through the thirty-first in La Galería de Arte Moderno on the corner of avenues Mariano Otero and Chapultepec in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The Saturday evening auction is scheduled for the thirtieth of that month in the same hall. The show, Antiquarian's Salon, is expected to become a yearly event. Booth space is still available, for more information contact: Magnolia Angel at (011-52) (3) 642-5339.