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Mexico Country

by Susanna Kirchberg

Traditional and indigenous Mexican furniture are the lastest in US interior design trends. Fash-ionable stores thoughout the nation are displaying in old pine work tables alongside modern living room sets.
Huge clay pots and sabino trunks appear with bedroom suites, mezquite benches and mixing bowls ae contemporary kitchen accents. The course of simple, fuctional furniture form Mexico's countryside has changed direction.
Adding to the exictement movement is the just released book Mexicn Country Style. Co-authored by Karen Witynski and Joe Carr, this publication containsa trove information faor enthusists of Mexican elements.
Witynski and Carr have done their homework. The bok is well written, and beatifully presents the objects and original uses of Mexican household items. Mexican Country Style is no 'cofee table publication,' it is a book to be read, and is it fun to read. Karen and joe transport us through the Mexican Country side with their tales of hunting for hidden antiques in markets, in haciendas and rural ranches, and oin colonial towns and cities. Their love for Mexico and respect of the people and traditions ic cleary evident.
Collectors and dealers ill find thei in-depth research of regional diferences in furniture and wood types invaluable. The usefultips on determing the age the age of piece, as well as hints on restoration and preserving patina are features not often ingenious of this nature, and are in a peasingly untechnical way.
For the professional designer, they ofter ingenious ideas for using traditional and idigenpous Mexican furnishings in a contemporary homes, along with a handy resource directory of reatil stores fro throughout the U.S.
Mexican Country Style is among the lastest of US publications to hit the market concering Mexican antiques and arts.