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Editorial: World peace through art & antiques
Mexican Masters in Texas

by Roberto Alvarado

Never in the history of the world has mankind been so aware and exposed to all the cultural and religious differences on our planet. Thomas L Freidman explains this phenomenon clearly in his most recent and highly acclaimed book, The World is Flat.
The internet has brought everyone closer. We only have to Google to find almost anything or anyone on the planet. Nearly a million Americans make their income solely through eBay. Along with that, we can now just click and add anything to our shopping cart.
In large part, this is due to American outsourcing, globalization and the world's desire to join the 21st century. America has set the standard, and now countries like India and China are rapidly coming to the forefront of this new technology. The desire for improved standards of living, education, and the understanding of other cultures-- all of which have been made easier thanks to this information technology- are actually the best way to diminish the want to make war or commit acts of terror. In every industry the playing field has been leveled, no longer does big corporation dominate. Small companies, and even the individual, can play in the big league.
So how is this relevant to the show?
Antiques Week offers a rare opportunity for all to experience a comprehensive comparison of talents from many very distinct countries: France, India, Zimbabwe, England, China, Turkey, Haiti, Mongolia, Thailand, the United States- the list goes on and on. It is a hands-on chance for us to learn from our historical pasts and share with each other our cultural present-- not to see who is better, but, like with antiques, what makes us distinct and why.
One woman who is embracing the World is Flat concept during this show is matriarch Emma Lee Turney-- the original founder of what takes place here in these rural farmlands every April and October. Her all-star line-up of American folk artists are working in conjunction with their counterparts from Mexico to create a unique showing of folk art from two worlds which are so close, but so different as well. See page 84 for more on this exciting event.
In the meantime, lets all do our part to promote world peace and explore the arts and antiques from the many cultures represented here during Antiques Week. The information highway is amazing, but remember that information is only good if used. What better way than hands on and face to face here at the shows. You may just fall in love with something from some distant neighbor.