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the Best from Mexico to Visit Texas


Most experienced travelers know to expect the unexpected at least three-fold when venturing out with "green" companions- hey, they teach you that in the Boy Scouts as a kid still wet behind the ears, remember? So, as veteran sojourners, we decided it would be prudent to test the waters on a new idea before jumping in head first.
Phase one entailed inviting the rookie, but enthusiastic, staff members of El antiQuario to a Mexican style antiques fair being held in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon- FINARTE. Could they handle the pressures of the long trip and the responsibilities inherent to being away from constant office back-up support? As "new kids," they landed on their feet surprisingly wel!- looking for scoops, keeping over-al! positive attitudes (even seasoned travelers have their dark moments), but most importantly, they maintained an open mind to fresh ideas.
Phase two of the plan was more daring, like trying to see how wel! a fresh-water fish can adapt to ocean life. We invited a handful of Mexican dealers to join us for the big Roundtop / Warrenton, Texas show to leam about gringo-style events and to teach our northern friends about Mexico and its

stimulating tradition of arts and old stuff. Since the publication of our first edition of El antiQuario, we have been promoting this idea in the hopes that you, as readers, col!ectors and dealers would cross the invisible border line to share your ideas and culture with your "not so distant" neighbors. Some of you have, some of you have been hesitant. Wel!, El antiQuario is here to help (cal! us crazy, we've be en cal!ed worse) bridge that gap.
As our commitment increases so has our presence. We have committed to a smal! stretch of real-estate, smack in the middle of the Warrenton antiques fair. For the first time, El antiQuario will have the same place for every show, twice-a-year. Hurrah. With room to accommodate about 15 Mexican participants, October's fair promises to be our best show to date.
A very eclectic cross-section of true Mexicana is scheduled. Colonial antiques and varied old and rare folk art col!ections will be present, as will charreria dealer and cowpolk Fernando Zuniga's incredible "Old Vaquero" exhibit. The line-up is not complete as of this printing, but on these grounds you'lI witness the best grouping of Mexican relics to hit the venue ever. Members of El antiQuario's staff will be on hand to help answer questions about the items on display. We cordial!y invite you to join us for some great shopping and swapping. See map for location.