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Eric Kirchberg:

...Introducing the


After a career of drawing on the bottom of high school math tests, Eric continued to pursue his studies at Montserrat Co11ege of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, where he developed his skills in drawing, painting, and the creative use of catsup.
In a state of dementia, upon suffering a near-fatal blow to the head, he then moved to New Jersey, where he attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Design.
Despite his overwhelming intemational appeal, Eric still finds time to do the occasional cartoon or illustration for El antiQuario magazine.
Sean high-tailed it to Mexico for a few Spanish lessons after successfully escaping from a Catholic high school in Surrey, British Columbia, with honours and a writing award. In December 1998, he found himself armed with a pen, tape recorder and a camera, trapsing the streets of Guadalajara in search of the latest breaking news stories from environmental disasters and shootouts to art expositions and soccer games. He has worked as a reporter and photographer during the last year at Guadalajara's English weekly newspaper the Colony Reporter. He is another talented member of El antiQuario Magazine's growing staff. Welcome aboard, Sean.

Sean Mattson: Field Editor