The fabrication of our garments requires a detailed process , from the selection of the material, superior craftsmanship, selection of sewing equipment, select hand embroidery by Huichol artisans, and the care with which each garment is handled assures that our customers, in this case you, receives a product of superior quality, 100% made in Mexico.

Our fabrication process starts with:
Design - This process step is fundamental. It starts with the selection of a garment model, taking into account Mexican cultural styles. The designer, an expert in this field. is responsible for garment patterns and fabric selection to be embroidered.




Selection of fabric – The designer along with the production manager, review and analyze the characteristics of the proposed fabrics like, elasticity, resistance to wear, discoloration, temperature and texture. Only superior fabrics are selected for our garments.

Cutting of fabric – Once the cutting patterns are completed by the designer, the garment is transferred to the cutting department where our master cutters give form to sections of fabric that will become our garment.

Sewing – The sections of cut fabric are then transferred to the sewing department where the garment takes form. Each section of fabric is carefully sewn to its adjoining section, completing a garment design.


Embroidery – Each garment is hand embroidered. The garment is transported to the Sierra Highlands of Jalisco, home of our valued Huichol friends for the application their unique embroidery artistry. Each garment requires a day to embroider.

Completion – After seven days, the garments are returned from the Sierra Highlands
to our factory for final steps. The garment is cleaned, pressed, inspected and packaged.

From our attention to detail you can be assured that the product you receive is of exquisite artisan quality.